Al Harmain Tower Gold 20ml

Al Harmain Tower Gold 20ML
AHP 1330G

Al Harmain Tower Perfume Oil Gold 20ML, An Exclusive Popular Arabian Perfume Oil from the world renowned Al-Harmain range. A fantastic soothing blend of pure dehnal oud with notes of high quality jasmine, very pleasing to wear on all occasions.

 Fragance notes:

Flower based, alcohol free perfume. Contains immaculate ingredients; Dehnal Oudh Hindi, Rooh al Ward and a special fragrance combined with other carefully hand picked flowers.

Pamper yourself (or gift someone) with this unique, tranquilising perfume.

Item Description:

  • Name : Al Harmain Tower Perfume Oil.
  • Type : Perfume Oil / Attar.
  • Brand : Al Haramain.
  • Size : 20Ml.

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  • USD: 3,973.25$

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