8x20mm 820 Magnetic Mini Coreless Motor for DIY RC Hubsan X4 H107C H107D Quadcopters

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Motor Diameter: 8.5mm

Motor Length: 20mm

Shaft Diameter: 1.0mm

Cable Length: 60mm

1.Operating condition

Rated voltage 3.2V DC

Operating voltage range DC3.0-3.7V DC

Operating temperature range -10-50°C

Motor position all position

2.Mearsuring condition

Motor position horizontal or vertical

Power supply regulated DC power supply assuring unquestionable measuring

regulated DC power supply assuring unquestionable measuring 10-30°C 30-95%

If the judgment is questionable,Measurent is to be made based on JIS Standard Testing Condition(20+2°C,65+5% )

Direction of rotation viewed from output shaft side

3.Electrical characteristics

Items Specification Standard value

Rated speed 39000rpm±12% 39000 rpm

Rated current 200mA max 150mA

Rated Load 30500rpm±10% 30500 rpm

Rated load current 1750mA max 1620mA

Starting voltage 1.0V max 0.8V DC

Insulation resistance 10M?

min AT 250V DC between

motor terminal and case

Mechanical noise

Under rated voltage 60 DB(A) max 53dB(A)


1) Please use the motor in this technology index range for the performance of the motor is affected by environmental temperature seriously.

2) It is not allowed to operate in the high temperature with high humidity, and not allowed to contact with corrosive liquid and corrosive gas,should not to be stored and without running Continuously for more than six months.

3) Do not lock the motor shaft while the electric is on. The motor will be burnt out after the motor shaft was locked for more then 1 second.

4) Do not hit the motor directly.


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