Professional Developers Available

At aam.com.pk we provide the services of Best developers available for your IT (Information Technology) needs. Applications for Mobile (Android, Apple, Tablets etc), Web or Computer Softwares are created, tackled and managed.

CMS Content Management System Like wordpress or custom coding or bug fixing in existing software (if source code is available) etc.

At aam.com.pk we Provide the services for:

  • Android PHP
  • I O S PHP
  • Windows PHP
  • Joomla PHP
  • J Query PHP
  • P H P PHP
  • C# Etc. PHP

Services are available in affordable prices with Money Back Guarantee.
Services Starting from Pkr 10,000 / 100 $ for 10 hours

Your project get stuck somewhere? Your developer is no longer with you? Want to do some custom development?

Then hopefully we are here to help you.

We have team of developers for all kind of independent projects for our customers.

How much?
Depends on language, project length and complexity. Usually in between of $10-$55/hour.

Which type of development we do?
From dos to .net, from web to machine learning, from rfid to hardware interfacing, inshallah Everything.


  1. You tell us your needs.
  2. We calculate an estimated time for your project.
  3. You will make a prelimary payment for minimum of 10 hours. ($100)
  4. We will obtain details from your and our developer will be in touch with you. Available through Phone, Email, Whatsapp or Skype.
  5. We write a code and test it.
  6. You check result and we bugfix it according your comments until it done.
  7. Final payment or refund if fewer hours are used.
  8. (optional) Ongoing support.

Go get your code, it’s waiting!

What if I am not satisfied with your service?

If you are not satisfied with our work and your work is not get completed then you can make a request for refund.


If you are not satisfied with our services and you have purchased only first 10 hours from us then you can make a request for refund. Refund will only be issued for first 10 hours only – no question asked!

 10,000 .00

  • USD: 11,500.00$

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