Cloud Based Payroll System

Benefits of Cloud Based Payroll System

  • Security – In traditional systems anyone can copy a database from your server EVEN if he doesn’t know the admin password. He can even attach that database on his machine and can view all the data (provided he has a physical access to your server for copying the database files or has access to shared folders containg database backup files). With web-based system no one can copy your database even if someone stole a whole machine. He cannot even access a system without passwords.
  • 2Factor Authentication – Two Factor authentication has been around for some time now, it is a practical way to add further security to the user logon sequence, this is accomplished by requiring a second factor to the username/password sequence
  • Access Everywhere – You can access a system from any Device having a Javascript enabled browser (Desktop, Laptop, Smart Phone(iPhone, Andriod, Nokia, Blackberry, Windows, Linux, Mac) with Internet Connectivity. No longer you need to wait for some support personel to install the program on your machine and connect that machine with your LAN
  • Access From Office Only – Out-of-Band- multi-factor authentication authenticates individuals and employees or authorizes transactions in real-time.
  • No License fees – No need to purchase or upgrade a License for running your software (which includes MS SQL license, windows server license etc)
  • No Hardware Upgrades on your side – You don’t need to upgrade your server machines again for your software
  • Continuous Optimization – we optimize the database and fine tune system when needed.
  • Auto Upgrade – All new features and tweaks will be available to you instantly – No more running outdated versions.
  • Regular Backups – we perform regular backups and you don’t have to worry about the backups. You can also get a schedule copy of your database backup (If requested)


 150,000 .00

  • USD: 172,500.00$

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Cloud Payroll Features

  • Employee Records
  • Prefix / Designation / Department Records
  • Employee List Department-wise / Designation-wise
  • Manual Attendance Entry
  • Import Attendance from any Time Attendance Machine(Bio Metric- Finger Print, Card Base
  • Access Control System, Face Recognition System, BioMetric Door Locks, etc)
  • Holiday Calender
  • Multiple Shifts (Morning / Evening / Night)
  • Allowances Entry
  • Bonus Entry
  • Employee Deduction Entry
  • Employee Increment Entry
  • Salary Sheet
  • Pay Slips
  • Overtime Sheet
  • Advance Sheet
  • Employee Loan Management (Opening, Issuance, Dedcution and Balance)
  • Provident Funds
  • Leave Encashment

Weekly Visit of Management Consultant / I.T. Support Officer

  • He will facilitate in the implementation process of any software
  • He will also give you the suggestions for improving business process.
  • He will speed up the implementation process by 10x
  • He will assure that all actors (End Users / Operators, Programmer / Developer and Management) are on same track
  • He will also help in reconciliation Rs. 20,000 / month

Hosting charges (from 2nd year) Rs. 18,000/- year

Discounts : special discount for I. T. Professionals and I. T. Students

System Utilities & Support

  • An implementation support of ONE month would be provided from the installation date of modules. This would be extended to Six months during which errors and bugs must be identified and got resolved.

Terms of Services:

  • System would be provided in PHP, ASP.NET, MS SQL and Crystal Report.
  • Our responsibility for training would be limited to first time training of eight (8) hours to executives.
  • Annual support service agreement could be signed on annual or hourly/visit basis after the implementation support period of Six Months. However, this annual agreement would only be required for our services/time and there would be no date/time lock.

Terms of Payment:

  • 50% Advance along with your confirmed order
  • 40% in the form of monthly running bills during Installation of Modules
  • 10% After Implementation Period of ONE Months


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